"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela (1918 - 2013)


Secondary School Bursary Programme

Our Secondary School Bursary Programme evolved from the original student sponsorship scheme set up by Tony Stephens, the Head of Thomas Adams School, Wem in 2005. Since the establishment of the charity, we've sponsored 30 - 80 students per year at Miriu Mixed Secondary School, paying up to 90% of the costs of attending this open access lower tier school. This scheme ended in 2017. Martin, Hastings, Victor and Queenter are all products of this scheme who have gone on to university. Millicent, Nancy, Daisy, Dorothy and Treazer, our teacher training students were also all 'sponsored' students.

Since 2013, we've been operating a smaller scheme, supporting one or two individuals a year who have done well at Innis Education Centre and been offered places at high achieving national schools. To be offered a Bursary, the student must score 350+ marks at KCPE and be needy i.e. be an orphan, from a single parent or very poor family. Eligible students receive a bursary of 80% of the school fees which range (in 2018) between £450 and £650 per year. National schools charge high fees that are beyond the reach of most of the students at Innis. However, attending these schools enables all of these students to achieve grades that lead onto offers from top universities.

One such student is Phenny. A student at Innis, at KCPE she achieved 368 and was the second best in Mathematics in the nation  Phenny scored 86%while the best in the nation had 87%. She left Ng'iya Girls School in December 2017 with an A grade at KCSE - one of only 5 girls at this prestigious school to do so - and will start a degree in Law at Nairobi University in February 2019. Read Phenny's Story in her own words.